This project was developed by a team of selfless FOUNDING MEMBERS with support of and under the auspices of Alliance of Global Sindhi Associations Inc. (AGSA formerly ASAA) and is managed by a core Committee of volunteers under the guardianship of Indian Institute of Sindhology,Adipur, Kutchh, India.


On the project of Romanized Sindhi, great help was received from Prof Dr Baldev Matlani, then the head of Sindhi Dept of Mumbai University, Prof Dr Satish Rohra of Indian Institute of Sindhology, Adipur Kutchh. Eventually when Dr Matlani advised Arjan to organize a Summit conference of Scholars, Professors and linguists of Sindhi language for greater acceptance and approval, Arjan’s colleague Dr Devendra Kodwani came out with great help. He organized a big help from Dada Lakhmi Khilnani, Director of Sindhology Adipur, who made excellent arrangement of the Summit conference at Sindhu Bhavan Ahmedabad on 29-30. It is here that the Romanized Sindhi Script had final touch of improvement, and unanimous approval of the Script for the Global Sindhi use. That was the historic event for Sindhi language. Thanks also to AGSA’s (then known as ASAA) President Dr Dayal Meshri and its Chairman Mr Prem Lalvani, who came to Chair and Co-chair the conference. And thanks to Prof Dr Satish Rohra, Prof Dr Murlidhar Jetley and Prof Dr Kanayalal Lekhwani who were great help too on making the success of the conference. There were also several other Scholars, and elders of Sindhi language present at the Summit to whom all our great thanks.

At this juncture, Arjan Daswani, more than completed and fulfilled late Dada Govind L Chandiramani’s agenda.

From thence onward Arjan Daswani marched further on the project out of his passion for upbringing of Sindhi language. He obtained Kindergarten, Primary I and Primary II Sindhi learning lessons from several well wishers who are acknowledged elsewhere at this site, got them written in roman Sindhi Script, had audios made for them uploaded them at a dedicated website

www.RomanizedSindhi.Org which he created from the donations from the well wishers of Sindhi Community. Dr Kodwani helped develop Audiovisual of Roman Sindhi alphabets and vowels and also App which were uploaded too. This became a virtual Sindhi learning school, free of any costs to the learners, all over the world, at any time of the day, through simple use of internet facility. This need to go on for long time ahead and the only was put it up under an ongoing Sindhi orgnization. As the base version of Roman Sindhi was developed by Dada Chandiramani, Arjan gave him option of putting up such a non profit ongoing Sindhi organization. Due to his age catching up, Dada Chandiramani could not do that but he consented that Arjan puts this ongoing virtual school under the umbrella of AGSA. This was done on 31 December 2010, to the satisfaction of all.

However, in the year 2011 it was realized that AGSA had no one in its working committee who could CAPTAIN the project of Romanized Sindhi when Arjan is gone. Therefore, at the advice of AGSA Chairman Mr Prem Lalvani, Arjan discussed on this with Dada Lakhmi Khilnani, who gladly agreed to take it on for management under II of Sindhology, Adipur. The project was transferred by AGSA’s President Dr Dayal Meshri to Dada Khilnani, at AGSA’s Ahmedabad Sindhi Sammelan December 2011.

However, in the later years it was realized that II of Sindholgy Adipur has too many other commitments and had really no time to look after or manage the project of Romanized Sindhi as it was first assumed. Therefore, after consulting with AGSA’s Chairman, Arjan Daswani took on to its management and has been doing that till today in cooperation with following Romanized Sindhi voluntary Committee members”

Late Dada Govind L Chandiramani, though he left us for hiss heavenly abode on 26 December, 2011, as a mark of respect his name is maintained on the Committee as FOUNDER LIFE MEMBER. Mr Arjan Daswani of Singapore, as Founding Life Member (Chief Coordinator)Dr Devendra Kodwani of London, as Founding Life member (Technical coordinator) Col. (Ret’d) Ram Gulrajani of Chennai, as Founding Life Member (Adviser) Later joined names: Mrs Kajal A Ramchandni of Mumbai (joined December 2011 – Workshops Executive) Dr Vijay Bhatia of Pennsylvania (Joined 2012 - Technical helper) Additionally Dada Kamal Mirchandani of Fremoent, CA, since 2012 conducts Sindhi teaching classes at Bay Are CA, and also conducts Romanized Sindhi workshops.

Before Dada Govind L Chandiramni left us, he had commenced his work on making English to Roman Sindhi dictionary which he wanted very much t put on to a website. Since God called him before he could finish that, Arjan Daswani promised to do this work to the best of his ability, even after he is gone. Arjan kept to his word, Dada had ticked 10000 words on Parmanand’s dictionary, Arjan requested for them to be typed out on and Excel Sheet from Dada Khilnani which were done by Mrs Rajni Valecha of II of Sindhology. Kajal Ramchandani and others edited the spellings and the meanings and got them rectified to the best possible ability and, arjan organized recording of Audios to go for each sindhi word in the dictionary, and the whole ten thousand worded dictionary with audios was completed and put up at in lite 2013. Again this work was done from donations from the well wishers of Sindhi Community, Arjan Daswni has made sure that no financial burden lies either on AGSA or SINDHOLOGY or Romanized Sindhi committee members till today.

The project is grateful to II of Sindhology Adipur and for all the support they have given us for all these years and especially AGSA for their continued support in promoting Sindhi language through Romanized Sindhi script at their annual Sammelans and request for continued blessings from both of them for all time ahead.

At this time the project of Romanized Sindhi is looking for an able CAPTAIN who can take on to the management of this project including maintenance and upkeep of website and virtual school of Sindhi learning, with full vigour.For virtualSindhi learning school via Roman Sindhi Script, visit


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