Romanized Sindhi script
This project was developed by a team of selfless FOUNDING MEMBERS with support of and under the auspices of Alliance of Global Sindhi Associations Inc.
(AGSA formerly ASAA) and is managed by a core Committee of volunteers under the guardianship of Indian Institute of Sindhology,Adipur, Kutchh, India.
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Introduction was founded under the auspices of Alliance of Global Sindhi Associations Inc (formerly known as Alliance of Sindhi Associations of Americas Inc), coordinated by Mr. Arjan T Daswani of Singapore (the Founding Coordinator and Executive Director of this project) supported by his well wishing colleagues, whom he fondly calls as "God sent angels" Please view their names and photographs herein below. He was also supported by several other well wishers who are acknowledged and thanked for at Above all we cannot forget here several Sindhi linguists, Professors and Scholars whom Arjan Daswani either personally met in India or phoned them, persuaded them and who obliged and attended Ahmadabad Summit Conference 29-30 March 2010 as delegates, and made this project into a pleasant reality. We thank them all. Please view them at Thank you.

Late Dada Govind L Chandiramani,  Mumbai, the originator of the basic version of Roman Sindhi Script who inspired Arjan Daswani to Standardize it for the Global Sindhi use.  He also insipired Arjan Daswani for creation of Englisn/Roman Sindhi/ Engish onlinedictionary  which is now uploaded, fully audio supported. Dr. Dayal T. Meshri Tulsa/Oklahoma Alliance President. At the request of Arjan Daswani, he put Standardized Roman Sindhi Resolution at LA Sindhi Sammelan July 2009 which was overwhelmingly approved by a large gathering of Sindhi delegates present, from all over the world. He chaired Ahmadabad Summit Conference March 2010. Mr. Prem Lalvani, Chicago, Illinois Alliance
Chairman. He has supported Arjan Daswani on Standardization of Romanized Sindhi Script all along including at LA Sindhi Sammelan July 2009 and at his request sponsored for Ahmadabad Summit Conference 29-30 March 2010 which he co-chaired.
To achieve greater acceptance and recognition of the
Script, after having
had Alliance's support 
for sponsoring a
Summit Conference
in India, Arjan Daswani  requested
his colleague Dr Devendra Kodwani
of UK, at whose request Dada Lakhmi Khilani, Director of II
of Sindhology Adipur, was kind to have hosted a Summit Conference at Sindhu Bhavan, Ahmadabad
on 29-30 March 2010.  Ouir grateful thanks. 
Late Mr Kishore Lala,Vice President of the Alliance. He appointed Arjan Daswani Singapore as Coordinator for Singapore Sindhi Sammelan July 2007 and also provided him Alliance support on Romanized Sindhi project.
Romanized Sindhi Team members who were official delegates to Ahmadabad Summit Conference in March 2010.    

At Ahmedabad summit several Sindhi linguists and professors debated and deliberated over the standardised ROMAN SINDHI SCRIPT VERSION that was adopted by the Alliance in Los Angeles in 2009. Few minor changes were made to LA Version and the updated version was unanimously approved, adopted and recommended for Global Sindhi use by the delegates present on 29 March 2010 at the Ahmadabad Summit. Romanized Sindhi team members present at Ahmedadbad Summit were appointed as FOUNDING LIFE MEMBERS. These members were Late G L Chandiramani, Mr. Arjan T Daswani, Mr. Prem Lalwani, Col. (Retd) Ram Gulrajani, Dr. Devendra Kodwani. Unfortunately in the year 2007 Mr Kishore Lala whove provided Alliance support to Arjan Daswani on this project and on 26 December 2011 our senior most colleague, Dada Govind L Chandiramani, who inspired us into this project, both left us for their heavenly abode. We miss them both.

Mr Arjan T Daswani Singapore. Founding Coordinator and Project and Alliance's Executive Director Prof Dr DevendraKodwanu London UK.He handled secretarial issues at Ahmadabad Summit Conference. Current Coordinator Col (Ret'd) Ram Gulrajani of Chennai. He debated on Script issues on behalf of Romanized Sindhi team at Ahmadabad Summit Conference. Adviser. Ms Kajal A Ramchandani, Sindhi lecturer at Jai Hind college Mumbai, joined the team in 2011 and proved excellent. Currently Coordinator (Public Relations) Dr. Vijay Bhatia, Pennsylvania PA USA Joined the team in 2012. Inquisitive Sindhi learner and keenly helps on this project.
Romanized Sindhi Team members who were official delegates to Ahmadabad Summit Conference in 2010.    


Welcome to Romanized Sindhi Script. After several years of extensive and dedicated work this project became a reality when this Web Portal was hosted on 31 December 2010, for the convenient teaching and learning of Reading, Writing and Speaking simple Sindhi Online through Romanized Script, available Free of any costs to anyone, anytime and anywhere on earth.

Please go to our Audio Chart on this website and familiarize yourself with the system of Romanized Sindhi, how it works. You may simply click here: Please understand the use of Roman Sindhi consonants and vowels thoroughly as against Arbi or Devnagiri Sindhi.

 You may also view audio visual slide show where consonants and vowels are shown in one slide show and vowels in another one. Click here:

Please view and listen to also Audio Text lessons (kindergarten level)
Please click here:
Please view and listen also Audio Image lessons (Primary one level)
Please click here:

Many Sindhis around the Globe have benefited from this website. In some cities the local Panchayats or the Sindhi Community Teams have started conducting classes teaching Reading, Writing and Speaking simple Sindhi to young Sindhis in their areas, through the use of this website via internet. We appeal to all Sindhi Panchayats and Associations all over the world to please help, do the same, propagate learning of Reading, Writing and Speaking of Sindhi to all Sindhis. If the language is lost it would mean our community would be lost, so please help save not only our mother tongue but also our community.

Since hosting of this site in 2010, we had the luck that Ms Kajal A Ramchandani, a Sindhi lecturer at Jai Hind College Mumbai and a keen supporter of Sindhi language joined our team in the year 2011. She has given us lot of help on (a) editing the data entries on dictionary and (b) promoting learning of Reading, Writing and Speaking of Sindhi through this website by conducting several workshops at several selected institutions. We are grateful to her.

In the year 2012 we had a luck too as we had Dr Vijay Bhatia, originally from Maharashtra, now in Pennsylvania PA/USA joining our team and he too has helped us a lot on dictionary entry editing and streamlining and other related issues. Dr Bhatia is a keen Sindhi “learner” and learns by giving these practical services. We thank him greatly.

All FOUNDING LIFE MEMBERS of Romanized Sindhi team have helped extensively too; others who have helped us are shown in Pioneers Pages at this very site. We are grateful to Miss Rajni Valecha who helped make 10000 worded data entries into our English/Sindhi/English bi-directional audio supported Dictionary which has just been launched. Please click, view and hear at

As the dictionary project was long delayed and meanwhile we had lot of requests asking for it, the version of dictionary uploaded is still semi-edited and is being re-edited by several scholars. We invite feedback for any errors, omissions or improvements, which we intend to carry out subject to our Committees approval. We are also concerned about the pronunciations on the audios on this Dictionary because we have had difficulty in getting post partition born Sind his who have time and facility to come forward and help dubbing in their voice. Moreover many of them do not speak good Sindhi. Senior Sind his born before partition speak good Sindhi but they are only few left and mostly too advanced in their age to render their voices for dubbing. We have done our best within our ability to get 10,000 words dubbed in Sindhi language but if any of the users or readers feel their voice and pronunciations are better, we request for their help not only assisting us on editing the dictionary but also providing MP3s for Sindhi meanings dubbed in their voice as a Community Service to this project. We request the dubbing to be good and well audible, without any distortions, air or other sounds, and also without unnecessary pauses as pauses occupy lot of space on the website, the rental of which is very expensive.

Those willing to help as Community service, kindly email to Attention:
Romanized Sindhi Team