This audio supported Online Virtual School of Sindhi language (on elementary level) was developed and hosted by Romanized Sindhi Founding Committee, who thank ASAA/AGSA, I. I. of Sindhology Adipur and several Sindhi language specialists who helped achieve approval of version of Romanized Sindhi Script used herein, for Global Sindhi use.


Romanized Sindhi English Equivalent Audio
1. hee ghan~aa aahin? how many are these?
2. maa'n samjhaa'n nath~o (m) / nath~ee (f) i don't understand
3. t~oo'n varee chava'nd~e'n? will you say it again? male
4. t~oo'n varee chava'ndeea'n? will you say it again? female
5. mahirbaanee kare varee chau kindly say it again or kindly repeat
6. moo'nkhe chaa'nhi'n jo hiku pyaalo khape i want a cup of tea
7. t~u'nhi'njo mobile number chhaa aahe? what is your mobile number?
8. moo'nkhe khhabara konhe. i don't know
9. maan veshnoo aahyaa'n i am vegetarian
10. tu'nhi'njo janam d^ee'nhu kad^ahi'n aahe? when is your birthday?
11. d^yaaree kad^ahi'n aahe? when is diwali?
12. moo'nkhe kheera jo hiku glass d^e. give me a glass of milk
13. t~okhe kahir^o ra'ngu van~'nd~o aahe? which colour do you like?
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Plz tell me 4 sentences in sindhi of potato
- Sameen Amad [22-November-2017]