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Romanized Sindhi English Equivalent Audio
1. a __ as in atha, akhi, hath~a, kana eight, eye, hands, ears
2. chaar ai'n chaar th~iyaa atha four plus four make eight.
3. akhiyun saa'n d^isee saghje th~o one can see with the eyes
4. hath~an saa'n raa'nd~ kare saghje th~ee one can play with the hands
5. b^udh~an~a laai kana aahin ears are for listening
6. aa_____ as in aad~at~a, aana'nd~ d~aad~aa, t~aaraa habit, joy, elder brother, stars
7. kaa bi aad~at~a chhad^an~u d^ukhee aahe: it is difficult to give up a habit:
8. . a'nd~ara jee khhosheea jahir^ee kaa khhoshee konhe. there is no joy like inner happiness
9. mu'nhi'njo vad^o bhaau (d~aad~aa) London me'n aahe. my elder brother is in London
10. aasmaana me'n t^aaraa aahin there are stars in the sky.
11. i ________as in ijaazat~a, d~ili, bhit~i, akhi permission, heart, wall, eye
12. moo'nkhe ghari vaj~an~a laai t~avhaa'njee ijaazat~a khape. i need your permission to go home.
13. peersana jee d~il mazboot~ aahe. the old man's heart is strong.
14. bhit~i t~e picture latkaai. hang the picture on the wall.
15. hina t~e akhi rakhu or hina t~e nazara rakhu keep an eye on him.
16. ee_____ as in ee'nta,(sira)bat~ee, seetee, maasee brick, lamp, whistle, aunt (mother's sister
17. kam ka'nd~ara pa'nhi'nje hath~an maa'n sira keraaee . the worker dropped the brick from his hands.
18. bat~ee b^aar light the lamp
19. seetee vaj^aai blow the whistle
20. maaseea khe chaa'nh d^eesi. give tea to your aunt
21. u_____ as in uthu, ucho, gulu, siju, kha'ndu camel, good quality, flower, sun, sugar
22. . hee uthu bilkul vad^o aahe. this camel is huge
23. kapr^e jee jinsa uchee aahe. this cloth is of a good quality.
24. gulu murjhaaye viyo aahe . the flower has lost its freshness.
25. siju lath~o aahe. the sun has set.
26. kha'ndu jo savaad~u mitho aahe. sugar tastes sweet.
27. oo as in oo’nchee oo'ndh~aha soofu tall ,dark & apple
28. heea jaai oo'nchee aahe. this building is tall.
29. oo'ndh~aha me'n b^aahir na vaj~u. do not go out in the dark
30. sihat~ laai soofu t~amaam sutho aahe. apple is very good for health
31. e_____ as in kelaa, hethi, pera, rela bananas, down, feet, train
32. baa'nd~aru kelaa vetho khaae monkey is eating bananas
33. jhukee kare iho zameena t~aa'n khan~u bend down and pick it up from the ground:
34. pa'nhi'njaa pera roz saaf kari clean your feet everyday.
35. train ache pe-ee train is coming in
36. ai_____ as in ainaka, haida, maiza, aiktar eye-glasses, turmeric, table, actor
37. pa'nhi'njee ainak paai. wear your eye glasses.
38. haida sihat~a laai suthee aahe. tumeric is good for health.
39. maiaza ag^yaa'n hika kursee rakhu put a chair before the table.
40. gope kamlani hiku sutho actor huo. gope kamlani was a good actor.
41. o_____ as in ozaar, chhokro, t~ot~o tools, boy, parrot
42. hut~e jaam ozaara aahin there are plenty of tools over here.
43. heeu had~a hooshiyaar chhokro aahe. he is a very clever boy.
44. t~ot~o asaa'n vati ud^aama'nd~o aayo the parrot came flying to us.
45. au___ as in naukaru, aulaad~u, mauja servant, offspring, fun
46. naukara khe kothi call the servant
47. heea khhobsoorat~ chhokree hinajee aulaad~ aahe. this beautiful girl is his offspring:
48. raa'nd~ karan~ mauja aahe playing is fun
49. a'n_____ as in a'nga, asaa'njo, kha'ndu,chaa'nd~ee numbers, ours, sugar, silver
50. a'nga g^an~i count the numbers
51. heeu ghar asaa'njo aahe. this house is ours.
52. kha'ndu mithee aahe. sugar is sweet
53. heea mu'ndee chaa'nd~eea maa'n thahiyala aahe. this ring is made out of silver
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