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Romanized Sindhi English Equivalent Audio
1. b^ as in b^ilee, b^akree, b^aara, b^olee, kab^atu cat, goat, children, language, cupboard
2. b^ileea khe kheeru pyaar give milk to the cat.
3. b^akreea khe gaahu khaaraai give grass to the goat
4. b^aaran saa'n raa'nd~i kar play with the children
5. kahir^ee b^oleea me'n vetha g^aalhaaeen? what language are they talking in?
6. kab^atu khol open the cupboard
7. d^ as in d^aad^o, d^aha, d^akee, d^ed^aru, gaad^ee grandfather, ten, scared, frog, train or cart
8. peeu jo peeu th~iyo d^aad^o father's father is grandfather
9. moo'nkhe d^aha hazaar rupyan jee sakhht~ zaroorat~ aahe i need rs. 1oooo urgently
10. maa'n pa'nhi'nje peeu khaa'n d^aka'nd~o aahyaa'n i am scared of my father
11. raat~i je vakt~u d^ed^ara d^aadho gor^ u ka'nd~aa aahin frogs make too much noise at night
12. treni leti aahe the train is late
13. heea dhag^e gaad^ee aahe this is a bullocks' cart.
14. fakeeru, faraasee, phura luta beggar,mat loot.
15. heeu fakeeru roz sau rupyaa gad^u ka'nd~o aahe. this beggar collects one hundred rupees a day
16. heea t~a d^e vaa'ngur shai aahe this is mat like material
17. dhaar^elan g^otha khe lutyo dacoits looted the village
18. aag~uri, bed~o, b^ooto, aag~ootho, sig~a, theek finger, egg, plant,thumb, horns,okay
19. hikr^e hath~a me'n chaari aa'ng~riyoo'n aahin there are four fingers in one hand
20. vaag~an~u had~a savaad~ee aahe. eggplant is very tasty
21. harhika hath~a me'n hiku aag~ootho aahe. there is one thumb in one hand
22. dhag^e khe sig~a aahin a bull has horns
23. theek aahe it is okay
24. g^othu, g^ichee, g^itaa, g^aain~u village,neck,cheek, sing
25. maa'n hikr^e na'ndhre g^otha me’n raha'nd~o aahyaa'n i live in a small village
26. hunakhe th~ulhee g^ichee aahe. he has a thick neck.
27. asaa'nkhe b^a g^itaa aahin we have two cheeks.
28. hee besuro vetho g^aae. he is singing out of tune.
29. ghh_as in___, ghhalat~, ghhaaleecho wrong, carpet
30. j^_as in j^ibha, j^aaru, j^aan~a, vaj^aain~u, bhaaj^ee tongue, net, knowledge, play instrument, vegetablei
31. j^ibha b^aahir na kadhu don't take out your tongue
32. j^aara mei'n machhiyoo'n aahin fishes are in the net
33. hina khe jaam ilmu aahe... he has a lot of knowledge
34. b^aaru raa'nd~i vetho kare. the child is playing
35. chhaa, tamaato bhaaj^ee aahe? is tomato a vegetable?
36. j~_____ as in maj~u, vaj~u, uj~a, j^aj~a agree, go, thirst, man’s wedding procession
37. maa’n t~osaa’n sahmat~ aahiyaa’n i agree with you
38. hut~e vaj~u go there
39. moo'nkhe uj~a aahe i am thirsty
40. chhaa t~a vad^ee j^aj~a aahe! what a big (wedding) procession!
41. khh_____ as in khhat~u, khhabara letter, news
42. mu'nkhe khhat~u aayo aahe i have received a letter
43. mu'nkhe kaa khhabara chaar b^udh~aai tell me some news.
44. n~_ as in paan~ee, raan~ee, van~u phan~oto, ghan~aa water, queen, tree, comb, how many
45. hee t~amaam saaf paan~ee aahe. this is very clean water
46. hina raaj^a jee raan~ee t~amaam hooshyaar aahe. the queen of this kingdom is very clever
47. heeu vad^o van~u aahe. this is big tree.
48. vaaran khe phan~ee d^e. comb your hair
49. hut~e ket~riyoo'n b^ilyoo'n aahin? how many cats are there?
50. r^_as in koor^, maar^ee, b^ur^ee, d^aar^hee, par^hu lie, upstairs, zero, beard, read or study
51. koor^ na g^aalhaai don't lie
52. maa’n maar^eea t~e rahand~o aahyaa’n I live upstairs .
53. t~u'nhi’njee kaamyaabeea jo chaans b^uree aahe (bilkul konhe). your chance of success is zero.
54. hinakhe ghaatee kaaree d^ar^hee aahe he has a thick black beard
55. jet~ro vadh~eek par^hand~e’n, ot~ro ee tu'nhi'nje laai sutho aahe the more you read, better it is for you.
56. z_____ as in zaalim, zanjeer, zaala, maiza cruel, chain, wife/woman, table
57. heeu t~amaam zaalim aahe he is very cruel.
58. heea loha maa'n thahiyala, mazboot~u zanjeera aaaahe. this is a strong chain made out of iron.
59. kahr^ee t~a zaala aahe! what a woman!
60. maiza je ag^yaa'n kursiyoo'n rakhu put the chairs before the table.
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