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Lesson 76 - PR01 - BK02 - ED2006 - MORU (PEACOCK)

Lesson 76 - PR01 - BK02 - ED2006 - MORU (PEACOCK)
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
Moru asaa’n jo komee pakhee aahe.
Peacock is our national bird.
Huna jaa kha’nbha vad^aa ai’n ra’ngabira’ngee hoo’nd~aa aahini.
Its feathers are long and colorful.
Huna je math~e t~e shaa’nd~aaru kala’ngee th~ee’nd~ee aahe.
On it’s head there is a beautiful crown.
Mora jaa pera sanihr^aa th~ee’nd~aa aahini.
Peacock’s feet are thin.
Hoo aahist~e aahist~e thumaka thumaka kare hala’nd~o aahe.
It walks slowly and slowly.
Moru jha’ngala ai’n baaghha me’n raha’nd~o aahe.
Peacock lives in forest and gardens.
Mora jee maad~eea khe dela chaibo aahe.
It’s female partner is called peahen.
Moru aasmaana me’n baad~ala d^isee d^aadh~o khushi th~ee’nd~o aahe.
Peacock gets very happy on seeing clouds in the sky.

Hoo pe’nhi’njaa kha’nbha khole nacha’nd~o aahe.
It opens its feathers and dances.

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