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Lesson 75 - PR01 - BK02 - ED2006 – KHEERU (MILK)

Lesson 75 - PR01 - BK02 - ED2006 – KHEERU (MILK)
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
Jo kheeru pee-e so veeru th~ie
One who drinks milk, becomes strong,
D^a’nd~a zoru vathani, suthaa suhin~aa lag^ani
Teeth get healthy, look beautiful and sharp
Akhiyuni jot~i vadh~e, d^aadhee soo’nha’n th~ee-e
Eyes become shinny and beautiful
Vathe zoru bad~anu, lig~a chust~u th~iyani.
Body gets powerful and energetic.
Kheeru safaa sutho, vaah d^aadho mitho.
Milk is so good and sweet.
B^aaro acho peeyoo’n, bhare kheera vatiyoo’n.
Kids, come let’s drink full cups of milk.
Sabhu zoru vathoo’n, pee kheeru vadh~oo’n,
So we all get stronger, and grow faster
D^e kheeru amaa’n, pee par^ihan~a vaj~aa’n.
Mom! Give me milk so that I go to study.
Kheeru peean~a saa’n d^a’nd~a keea’n lag^a’nd~aa aahini?
How do teeth look after drinking milk?
Kheera jo savaad~u keea’n hoo’nd~o aahe?
How does milk taste?
B^aaru maau khaa’n chhaa th~o ghure?
What is the child asking for from his mother?
Jo kheeru pee-e so ____ th~ie.
One who drinks milk, becomes _____,
Akhiyuni ___ vadh~e, d^aadhee soo’nha’n th~ie
Eyes become ____ and beautiful
Kheeru safaa ____, vaah d^aadho mitho
Milk is so ____ and sweet.
D^e kheeru amaa’n, pee _____ vaj~aa’n.
Mom! Give me milk so that I go to ____.

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