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Lesson 74 - PR01 - BK02 - ED2006 – CHAACHAA NAHIROO

Lesson 74 - PR01 - BK02 - ED2006 – CHAACHAA NAHIROO
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
Javaharilaal Nahroo aazaad~i Bhaarat~a jo pahiriyo’n pradh~aan ma’nt~ree ho.
Javhar Lal Nehru was first ___ of India.
Huna khe b^aara “chaachaa Nahroo” chava’nd~aa aahini.
Children call him Uncle Nehru.
Hoo b^aarani khe t~amaamu ghan~o bhaaee’nd~o ho.
He loved children.
B^aarani je vicha me’n hoo b^aaru th~ee hala’nd~o ho.
He acted a kid in between children.
B^iyani mulkani jaa b^aara bi “Chaachaa Nahroo” khe khhat~a likha’nd~aa huaa.
Children from other countries too used to send letters to Chacha Nehru
“Chaachaa Nahroo” bi unihani khe sookhir^iyoo’n moklee’nd~o ho.
Uncle Nehru too used to send them gifts.
Huna khe gulaaba jaa gula d^aadhaa van~a’nd~aa huaa.
He liked rose flowers.
Huna Bhaarat~a me’n vad^aa vad^aa kaarkhhaanaa shroou karaayaa.
He got started many large factories in India.
D~uniyaa me’n shaant~ee ai’n bhaaipee an~an~a laai huna koshishi kaee.
He worked a lot for peace and brotherhood in the world.
Sa’nd~asi janama jo d^ee’nhu’n 14 November aahe.
His date of birth is 14th November.
Ina d^ee’nha’n khe b^aaran jo dee’nhu’n yaa “B^aali d~ivasi” kare malihaayo ve’nd~o aahe.
This day is celebrated as Children Day.
Azaad~i Bhaarat~a jo pehiriyo’n pradh~aanu ma’nt~ree keru ho?
Who was the first Prime Minister of India?
Huna khe b^aara chhaa kare chava’nd~aa huaa?
What the children used to call him?
Nahrooa je janam d^ee’nha’n khe chhaa chava’nd~aa aahi’n?
What is the Birthday of Nehru called?
Chaachaa Nahroo b^aarani khe ____ moklee’nd~o ho?
Uncle Nehru used to send ____ to children.
Huna khe ___ jaa gula wan~a’nd~aa huaa.
He used to like ____ flowers.
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