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Lesson 73 - PR01 - BK02 - ED2006 – HAFT~O (WEEK) – LESSON AND TEST

Lesson 73 - PR01 - BK02 - ED2006 – HAFT~O (WEEK) – LESSON AND TEST
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
D~aad~aa aj^u Aarit~ivaaru aahe.
Aj^u iskoola ai’n aafeesoo’n sabhi band~i aahini.
Dada (An elder male in the family) today is Sunday. Schools and offices are all closed today.
Aarit~ivaara khaa’n poi Soomaru ee’nd~o aahe.
After Sunday comes Monday.
Soomara khaa’n poi Ma’ngalu ee’nd~o aahe.
After Monday, comes Tuesday.
Ma’ngala khaa’n poi B^udh~aru ee’nd~o aahe.
After Tuesday comes Wednesday.
B^udh~ara khaa’n poi Vispat~i ee’nd~ee aahe.
After Wednesday comes Thursday.
Vispat~i khaa’n poi Shukuruvaaru ee’nd~o aahe.
After Thursday, comes Friday.
Shukuruvaara khaa’n poi Chha’nchharu ee’nd~o aahe.
After Friday, Saturday comes.
Inhani sat~ani d^ee’nhani khe gad^e haft~o chaibo aahe.
These seven days together are called one week.
Aart~ivaara khaa’n poi kahr^o d^ee’nhu’n ee’nd~o aahe?
Which day comes after Sunday?
Shukuruvaara ai’n Aarit~ivaara je vicha me’n kahir^o d^ee’nhu’n aahe?
Name the day between Friday and Sunday?
Visipat~i kahir^e d^ee’nha’n khaa’n poi ee’nd~ee aahe?
After what day does Thursday come?
Hafit~o chhaa khe chaibo aahe?
What is called a week?
____ d^ee’nhu’n iskoola ai’n aafeesoo’n ba’nd~i hoo’nd~aa aahini.
Schools and Offices are closed on ____
Ma’ngala khaa’n poi ___ ee’nd~o aahe.
____ comes after Tuesday.
Sat~ani d^ee’nhani khe gad^e ___ chaibo aahe.
Together all the seven days are called _____
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