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Lesson 71 - PR01 - BK02 - ED2006 – ABHIYAASU (PRACTICE)

Lesson 71 - PR01 - BK02 - ED2006 – ABHIYAASU (PRACTICE)
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
Tot~e jo ra’ngu saao aahe.
Color of parrot is green.
Saayoo’n bhaaj^iyoo’n khaain~u ghurjan.
We should each green vegetables.
Haath~eea jaa kana vij~in~e vaa’nguru aahiini.
Ears of elephants are like fans
Bhag^ivaana akhiyoo’n d^isan~a laai d^inyoo’n aahini.
God has given us eyes to see.
Asaa’n khe paarooth~o khaadh~o na khaain~u ghurje.
We should not eat contaminated old meals.
Akhara saafu ai’n suthaa likhan~u ghurjani.
We should write neatly and cleanly.
Vad^ani jee izat~a karan~u ghurje.
Elders should be respected.
Bhaarat~u hiku mahaanu d~eshu aahe.
India is a great country.
Subhaan~e jo kamu aj^u kaje.
Tomorrow’s work should be done today.
Mu’nhi’njo gharu saafu ai’n suhin~o aahe.
My house is clean and nice.
Gulaabu gulani jo raajaa aahe.
Rose is the king of flowers.
Maa’n shaama jo raa’nd~i ka’nd~o aahiyaa’n.
I play in the evenings.
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