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Lesson 66 - PR01 - BK02 - ED2006 – HAATH~EE

Lesson 66 - PR01 - BK02 - ED2006 – HAATH~EE
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
Heeu haath~ee aahe.
This is an elephant.
hina khe vij~in~ani jahir^aa b^a kana, b^a akhiyoo’n, hika dighee soo’ndi hoo’nd~ee aahe.
It has too fan like ears, two eyes and one long trunk
hina khe chaari ta’ngoo’n ai’n hiku na’ndho puchhu th~ee’nd~o aahe.
It has four legs and one short tail.
hina khe soo’ndi vati b^aahiri nikt~ala b^a dighaa ai’n naukid~aaru d^and~a pin~u aahini.
Near its trunk, it also has two long, protruding type tusks
haath~ee kama’nd~u ai’n gaahu khaaee’nd~o aahe.
Elephant eats sugarcane and grass.
haath~ee kamaait~o jaanivaru aahe.
An elephant is a very useful animal.
haath~eea jee soo’ndi d^aadhee t~aakat~ivaaree th~ee’nd~ee aahe.
An elephant’s trunk is very powerful.
haath~ee soo’ndi saa’n g^auraa saamaana khan~ee sagha’nd~o aahe.
An elephant lifts heavy things with its trunk.
puraan~e zamaane me’n raajaa haath~eea t~e suvaaree ka’nd~aa huaa
In olden times, rulers used to travel on elephants.
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