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Lesson 64 - PR01 - BK01 - ED2006 – MEE’NHU’N – RAIN – LESSON AND TEST

Lesson 64 - PR01 - BK01 - ED2006 – MEE’NHU’N – RAIN – LESSON AND TEST
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
Kakara kaaraa kaaraa aayaa,
Clouds, black clouds have come,
Dh~arit~eea t~e jini mee’nha’n vasaayaa,
On the earth they blessed the rain.
Aasimaana me’n megha malihaara,
In the sky there are clouds.
Mee’nhu’nee aahe mee’nhu’n chaudh~aari.
Rain is all around,
Van~a tin~a saavaa saavaa th~ee’nd~aa
Trees and plants will now become green.
Gula phula mevaa sast~aa th~eend~aa
Flowers, vegetables and fruits will become cheaper now.
Garmee ve ee, th~ee th~adh~ikaari,
Warmth will reduce now, and the weather will be cooler.
Mee’nhu’n ee aahe mee’nhu chaudh~aari.
Rain is all around us.
Mee’nhu’n keru vasaaeeni th~aa?

Who shower the rain?
Aasmaana me’n chhaa d^isan~a me’n ee’nd~o aahe?
What is seen in the sky?
Mee’nha’n vasan~a kare chhaa th~ee’nd~o aahe?
What happens after it rains?
___ kaaraa kaaraa aayaa,
Black black ____ have come,
Van~a tin~a ____ ____ th~ee’nd~aa
Trees, plants will now become ____.
Garmee ve ee, th~ee ______,
Warmth is reduced and the weather became ____ now.
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