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Lesson 58 - PR01 - BK01 - ED2006 – AKHARA JORAN~U - PT02

Lesson 58 - PR01 - BK01 - ED2006 – AKHARA JORAN~U - PT02
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
Seetee vag^ee, gaad^ee bhag^ee.
Whistle rang and the train sped.
Aj^u fakeera maanee khaad~ee.
Today, beggar ate the meal.
Hina neeree sheeshee bhag^ee.
She (or he) broke blue bottle.
Haran~a t~ikhee dor^a paat~ee.
Deer ran fast.
Kaaghhaza ajaayaa na phaar^i.
Don't tear the papers in vain.
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