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Lesson 55 - PR01 - BK01 - ED2006 – SU’ND~AR SIKHYAAOO’N

Lesson 55 - PR01 - BK01 - ED2006 – SU’ND~AR SIKHYAAOO’N
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
Asaa'n khe subuha jo savela uth~an~u ghurje.
We should get up early in the morning.
Rozu praarth~inaa karan~u ghurje.
We should pray everyday.
Poore vakit~a t~e iskoolu vaj~ije.
We should go to school on time.
Kilaasa me'n dh~iyaanu d^ije.
We should be attentive in the class.
Hika b^ie khe mad~ad~a kaje.
We should help each other.
Maau peeu jo chayo maj~ije.
We should obey our parents.
Ust~aad~an khe maanu d^ije.
And we should respect our teachers.
Sad~aaee'n sachu g^aalihaaije.
We should always speak truth.
Raat~i jo savela sumhan~u ghurje.
We should go to bed early.

Vad^ani jee aaseesa khatije.
We should win blessings of elders.
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