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Lesson 51 - PR01 - BK01 - ED2006 – GUFT~AGOO PT 02

Lesson 51 - PR01 - BK01 - ED2006 – GUFT~AGOO PT 02
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
B^aaru: (Bhaaj^eea vaare khe) kaakaa, pataataa kahir^o aghu aahini?
Child: (To the vegetable seller) Uncle, what is the price of potatoes?
Bhaaj^eea vaaro: Puta, panje'n roopae kilo.
Vegetable Seller: Son, Rs.5 a Kilo.
B^aaru: Ai'n tamaataa?
Child: And tomatoes?
Bhaaj^eea vaaro: Athe'n roopae kilo.
Vegetable Seller: Eight rupees a kilo.
B^aaru: Kilo pataataa ai'n adh~u kilo tamaataa d^iyo. Ket~iraa paisaa th~iyaa?
Child: Please give me a kilo of potatoes and half a kilo of tomatoes. How much in total?
Bhaaj^eea vaaro: nava roopayaa.
Vegetable Seller: 9 rupees.
B^aaru: kaakaa heeu vatho d^ahe'n roopae jo notu; baakee hiku roopayo vaapasi d^iyo.
Child: Uncle! Take this note of Rs.10 and please give me 1 rupee back.
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