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Lesson 49 - PR01 - BK01 - ED2006 – CHAALAAKU LOOMAR^U

Lesson 49 - PR01 - BK01 - ED2006 – CHAALAAKU LOOMAR^U
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
Hiku kaa'nu d^aadho bukhaayalu ho.
A crow was very hungry.
Huna khe hiku lole tukaru milyo.
He got a piece of sweet bread.
Kaa'nu van~a t~e vehee lolo khaain~a lag^o t~a hethi hika loomar^a d^ithusi.
As the crow began to eat the bread from top of a tree, a fox saw it from down.
Loomar^a jee d~ili th~ee maa'n kaa'na khaa'n iho lole tukaru khase vathaa'n.
Fox got tempted to snatch that bread piece from the crow.
Loomar^a kaa'na khe chayo t~a t~oon d^aadho mitho g^aaeend~o aahee'n.
The fox said to the crow that “you sing very sweetly”.
Moo'nkhe bi g^aae b^udh~aai.
“Please sing for me too”.
Kaa'na vaat~u khole g^aain~u shuroou kayo.
Crow opened his mouth (beak) and began to sing.
Huna je vaat~a maa'n lolo kiree piyo.
The bread fell down from his beak.
Loomar^u uho lolo khan~ee khhushi th~ee halyo viyo.
The fox took that bread and happily went away.
Kaa'nu pa’nhi'njee bhula t~e pachhit~aain~a lag^o.
Poor crow then regretted on his mistake.
Koor^eea khhushaamad~a t~e lag^ee pa’nhi'njo nuksaanu na kaje.
One shouldn't be carried away by false flattery and get deceived.
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