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Lesson 46 – PR01 – BK01 - ED2006 – LAALACH JO NAT~EEJO

Lesson 46 – PR01 – BK01 - ED2006 – LAALACH JO NAT~EEJO
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
Hiku kheera vaaro ho.
There was a milkman.
Huna jo naalo Khhaanoo ho.
His name was Khaanoo
Khhaanoo rozu subaha jo kheeru vikn~an~a ghari ghari ve’nd~o ho
Khaanoo used to go every morning to sell the milk from house to house.
Hika d^ee’nhu’n kheeru ghati milyasi; so kheera me’n paan~ee milaae kheeru vikyaaee’n.
One day he received less milk, so he added water into it and sold.
Khhaanoo d~ili ee d~ili me’n khhushi
th~iyo t~a aj^u paan~eea jaa paisaa kamaayaa ath~ami.
Khaanoo was happy within his heart that “today I have made money out of water”.
Khhaanoo kheeru vikn~ee ghari pie motiyo t~a khesi uj~a lag^ee.
After selling the milk, as Khanoo was returning home, he felt thirsty.
Hoo paan~ee peean~a laai nad~eea je kinaare t~e aayo.
For drinking the water, he came to the bank of a river.
Khhaanoo ghaaghari ai’n paisani jee g^oth~ir^ee kinaare t~e rakhee paan~ee peean~a lag^o.
Khaanoo placed empty (milk) pot and the bag of money at the bank of the river and began to drink water.
Ochit~o hiku baa’nd~aru sa’nd~asi g^oth~ir^ee khan~ee tipu d^e-ee vaj~ee van~a t~e vetho.
Suddenly a monkey grabbed his bag (of money), jumped up and sat on a tree.
Iho d^isee khaanoo vaair^o th~ee viyo.
Seeing this, Khaanoo was shocked.
G^oth~ir^eea me’n khaadh~e jee shai na d^isee baa’nd~ara khe khhaara lag^aa.
Not seeing foodstuff in the bag, the monkey got angry.
Baa’nd~ara ghhuse me’n achee paisaa hethi uchhlaain~a lag^o.
Through anger, the money began to throw money down.
Kujhu paisaa nad~eea me’n kriyaa t~a kujhu paisaa zameena t~e.
Some money fell into the river and some on the ground.
Khhanooa paisaa mer^iyaa t~a d^ithaaee’n t~a paisaa adh~u bi kona huaa.
Khaanoo collected the money and saw that money was not even half.
Mat~ilab t~a paan~eea jaa paisaa paan~eea me’n ee viyaa.
Meaning, the money he made out of wter, went back to the water.
B^aaro ka’nhi’n saa’n bi thag^ee na karan~u ghurje.
Children, never cheat any one.
Milaavat~a karan~u gunaahu aahe.
To cheat is crime.
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