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Lesson 28 – PR01 – BK01 - ED1976 – D^yaaree

Lesson 28 – PR01 – BK01 - ED1976 – D^yaaree
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
Aj^u D^yaaree aahe.
Today is Diwali (Indian Festival).
Assaa'n ghara jee safaaee kaee
We have cleaned our home.
Acho D^yaareea jaa d^eeaa b^'aaryo.
Come. And Light up Diwali lamps,
Phataakaa b^aaryo, Chringaaee
T~eelyoo'n b^aaryo.
Fire the crackers and sparklers.
Maame mithaayoo'n bi mokilyoo'n
Uncle has sent Sweets too.
Lad^oo'n ath~ava, j^amoo’n
ath~ava, halvo ath~ava.
There are Ladoon, Gulabjamoon and
Khhoob khaao, mauja karyo.
Relish those and enjoy.
D~aad~aa mithaaee hee'nara kona
Dada (elder male in the family), we won't eat sweets now.
Phataakaa b^aare mithaaee
khaaee' nd~aasee'n.
We will eat sweets after firing
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