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Lesson 26 – PR01 – BK01 - ED1976 – Svaala Javaaba (Q & A)

Lesson 26 – PR01 – BK01 - ED1976 – Svaala Javaaba (Q & A)
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
Hee raa'nd~eeko ka'nhi'n jo aahe?
Whose toy is this?
Iho raa'nd~eeko mu'nhi'njo aahe.
This is my toy.
Mu'nhi'njee peni kith~e aahe?
Where is my pen?
T-u'nhi'njee (respectful: tavhaa’n jee) peni maiza t~e rakhee aahe.
Your pen is kept on the table.
D~aad~aa, ked^aa’nhi’n th~aa vaj~o?
Father (or elder brother), where are
you going?
Puta, aafees th~o vaj~aa.
Son, I am going to office.
T~oo'n ked^aa'nhi'n th~o vaj~ee?
Where are you going?
Maa'n iskool th~o vaj~aa.
I am going to School.
Ma’njoo kahr^e vakt~u mota’nd~ee?
At what time will Manju return?
Manjoo ma'njha'nd~i jo mota’nd~ee.
Manju will be back in the afternoon.
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