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Lesson 35 - PR01 - BK01 - ED1976 - Aavaaza

Lesson 35 - PR01 - BK01 - ED1976 - Aavaaza
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
Kaa'nu kare kaa'n kaa'n
Crow does "Caw Caw"
Koili kare koo koo
Koel (cuckoo family) does "Coo Coo"
Kab^ari kare taa'n taa'n
Kabar doess "Taan Taan"
Kaboot~aru Kare Ghoo Ghoo.
Pigeon does "Ghoo Ghoo"
Me'nhi'n kare Bhaa'n Bhaa'n
Buffalo does "Bhan Bhan"
Gaai'n kare maa'n maa'n
Cow does "Maan Maan"
Kuto Kare Bhaoo'n bhaoo'n
Dog does "Bow Bow"
B^ilee kare Miyaaoo'n Miyaaoo'n
Cat does "Meow Meow"
Ghor^e Jee Hin~ikaara b^udh~u
Listen to the Neighs of Horse
Gad^aha jee hee'nga b^udh~u.
Listen the Brays of Donkey.
Shee'nha jee gajgor^a b^udh~u.
Listen to the roar of Lion
Haath~eea Jee chee'nghaara b^udh~u.
Listen to the Trumpets of Elephant
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