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Lesson 41 - PR01 - BK01- ED1976 - Safaaee

Lesson 41 - PR01 - BK01- ED1976 - Safaaee
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
E b^aara,safaaee suthaaee sikho.
Oh Children!Learn clenliness.
Sad-aaee'n bad~an pa'nhi'njo ujro rakho.
Always keep your body very clean.
Ath~ava gun~u safaaeea jo d^aadho sutho.
The habit of cleanliness is very essential and nice.
Lag^e b^aaru ja'nhi'n saa'n hard~am mitho.
Due to which a child always looks neat and nice.
Rakho saaf na'nha'n d^and~a ai'n saaf vaara.
Always keep your nails,teeth and Hair clean.
Karyo rozu ishnaan,th~iyo chust~u b^aara.
Have a Bath daily,become a smart and active kids.
Uho b^aaru sabha khe van~e th~o ad~aa,
That child is loved by all,
Achho ujro rahe jo sad~aa.
Who stays neat and clean.
E b^aaro,safaaee suthaaee sikho.
Oh Children!Learn cleanliness.
Sad~aaee'n bad~an pahi'njo ujro rakho.
Always keep your body very clean.
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