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Lesson 40 - PR01 - BK01 - ED1976 - B^ilar^ee

Lesson 40 - PR01 - BK01 - ED1976 - B^ilar^ee
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
D~isu heea mu'nhi'njee b~ilar^ee
Look,this is my dear cat.
Ja'nhi'n saa'n ath~am d~ilar^ee
My heart goes for that.
Raat~i rahe th~ee khhabarid~aar
She stays alert at night,
Kooaa maare th~ee beshumaar.
Killing umpteen number of Mice.
Khaadh~o kapr^o kani nuksaanu.
The Mice create lots of nuisance
Khad^oo'n jaayuni me'n th~aa
nibbling food and clothes too.
They dig and make their homes in so
Jit~i kith~l pa'nhi'njaa ghara jor^een.
many places at home
D^isee b^ileea khe bhaj^iyo vaj~an.
But they run away,seeing a cat.
B^irani me'n pa'nhi'nje vaj~yo likan.
And hide in the their holes..
Vaaha heea mu'nhi'njee b~ilar^ee
Oh My great Cat,
Ja'nhi'n saa'n ath~am d~ilar^ee.
My heart goes for you!
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