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Lesson 39 - PR01 - BK01 - ED1976 - A'nga

Lesson 39 - PR01 - BK01 - ED1976 - A'nga
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
Hiku b^a te,
Amma'n gud^ee aan~e d^e,
Mother please bring me a doll.
B^a te chaar,
Kariyaa'n gu^eea khe pyaar.
I cuddle my doll.
Te chaar panja
Gud^ee vihariyaa'n hanja.
I Make the doll sit in my Lap.
Chaar panja chhaha
Payaa'n gud^eea khe g^aha.
I put ornaments on my Doll.
panja chhaha sat~a,
Sonee gud^eea jee nath~a,
Golden is the Nose-ring of my Doll.
Chhaha sat~a atha
D^isu gud^eea jaa thatha
Look at the proud looks of my Doll!
Sat~a atha nava
Gud^eea khaaee kayaa dhava.
The doll ate heartily.
Atha nava d^aha.
Gud^ee b^ahkha b^aha b^aha
The doll shines and shines.
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