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Lesson 38 - PR01 - BK01 - ED1976 - Mu'nhi'njee Amar^

Lesson 38 - PR01 - BK01 - ED1976 - Mu'nhi'njee Amar^
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
Mu'nkhe ka'hi'n th~e kheeru piyaaryo?
Piyaara ma'jhaa'n th~e god~i vihaariyo?
Khushi th~ee hara hara moo'n d^e nihaariyo?
Mu'nhi'njee Amar^i, Mu'nhi'njee Amar^i.
Who fed me with milk?
Lovingly cuddling me in her lap.
With all the fondness,kept staring at me..
My Mother,My Mother!
Ninda phitee je mu'nhi'njee pe-ee
ka'nhi'n th~e sumhaaryo lolee d^e-ee?
Chhad^e na mu'nkhe ked^aa'nha'n ve-ee.
M'nhi'njee Amar^i, Mu'nhi'njee Amari^.
Whenever my sleep was disturbed,
Who put me back to sleep by singing Lullabies?
She wont go anywhere leaving me alone..
My Mother,My Mother!
Pandh~u kand~e je dh~iko khaad~am,
ka'nhi'n khan~ee th~e chhaat~eea laat~umi,
Pyaara ma'njhaa'n th~e bhaakuru paat~um?
Mu'nhi'njee Amar^i,Mu'nhi'njee Amari^
Whenever I tripped and fell while walking,
who picked me and held me close to her chest,
and lovingly hugged me?
My Mother, My Mother!
th~eend~usu vadh~ee jad^a'nhi'n maa'n vad^o,
sukha save'n maa'n t~okhe d^eend~us,
T~ot~e pa'nhi'njo saahu chhad^eed~us.
M'nhi'njee Amar^i, Mu'nhi'jee Amari^.
When I will grow up,
I will shower lots of happiness and comforts upon you,
and will give my life for you
Dear Mother,Dear Mother!
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