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Lesson 31 - PR01 - BK01 - ED1976 - Gid~ar^u

Lesson 31 - PR01 - BK01 - ED1976 - Gid~ar^u
Romanized Sindhi
English Equivalent
Hikr^o gid~ar^u ho.
Once there was a Fox.
Uho kahi'n jha'nja me'n raha'nd~o ho.
He used to live in a forest.
Hika d^ee'nhu'n d^aadho rulyo.
One day he wandered a lot.
Vechaare khe khaain~a laai kujhu bi na milyo.
Poor thing! He could not get any thing to eat.
Bukha d^aadho sat~aayusi.
He was very hungry.
Th~akjee van~a hethaa'n achee vetho.
At last, tired, he sat under a tree.
Van~a t~e hiku kaau'n vetho ho.
There was a crow sitting on that tree.
Kaa'na je chuhi'nba me'n lole tukaru ho.
There was a piece of Lola (A flat sweet bread) in the beak of the crow.
Uho d^isee gid~ar^u d^aadho khhush th~iyo.
Seeing that, the fox became very excited.
Sochan~a lag^o t~a iho lole tukaru keea'n hath~i karyaa'n.
He started thinking "how to snatch that Piece of bread".
Gid~ar^u chaalaak ho.
The Fox was clever.
Huna kaa'na khe chayo t~a d~ost~a, t~oo'n kahr^o na suhin~o aahee'n?
He said to the crow "My friend, You look so beautiful, your voice too must be sweet.
Avaaz bi zaroor mitho hoo'nd~ui.
Your voice too much sweet.
Ko raag^u b^udh~aai.
Kindly sing something !
Kaa'na pa'nhi'njee saaraah b^udh~ee d^aadho khhushi th~iyo.
The crow was flattered with his praise.
Chuhi'nba khole vathee kaa'n kaa'n kayaaee'n.
He opened his beak and started singing "kaa kaa"
Lole tukaru achee heth kiryo.
The piece of bread (Lolo) fell down
Gid~ar^u khan~ee uth~ee bhag^o.
The fox picked it up and ran away.
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