This project was developed by a team of selfless FOUNDING MEMBERS with support of and under the auspices of Alliance of Global Sindhi Associations Inc. (AGSA formerly ASAA) and is managed by a core Committee of volunteers under the guardianship of Indian Institute of Sindhology,Adipur, Kutchh, India.

Audio Visuals Lesson 1 : Sindhi Consonants A to Z

Sindhi Consonants A to Z
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- Gaurang [17-December-2011]

Wud love to learn Roamized Sindhi here.. ......Jai Jhulelal !
- Roma [23-October-2011]

Excellent resource, well done!
- Amar Ochani [07-October-2011]

lakha lakha vadhayioon most of us not able to change words into action. Wish and would want actions starting with self i.e. me. for promoting our history and culture
- rasbihari [05-October-2011]

I liked it very much. Good efforts. Brilliant idea. Heartly congratulations. Please send me some tips how to encourage young ones. Shyam Punwani (24-08-2011)
- Shyam Punwani [24-August-2011]

i am thankful to my dear friend Mr.Sangram Advani, Hyderabad Sindh who inform me about this web site. I am thankful to my all those persons who who have come forward with this fantastic idea.
- Abdul Hameed Channa, Kandiaro, Sindh, [11-August-2011]

tamaam sutho "hats off to you guys for your kind gesture to uplift sindhi culture. wish you a grand success in your effort for "sindhiyat"
- kamlesh khetani [09-August-2011]

Sindhi muhjo shaan ahe, Sindhi muhjo maan ahe, Sindhi muhji Mata ahe
- Hiralal Bulchandani [12-July-2011]

very simple and impressive...... eay for me to teach my young kids...thx to all who have come forward with this fantastic idea.
- rekha [08-July-2011]

Dadoo sutho Prayas ahe.Hadene asan sabhinan ji duty ahie ki hin site ke her sindhi ghar tain pouchaniun.
- J.P.Nagpal [08-July-2011]

I love the idia of Roman Script. Thank you for taking efforts to keep our Sindhi boli alive. God bless
- Paman Roopani [15-June-2011]

great effort -- congratulations and best wishes -- ghariyun wadhaayun ; shaala kamyab thiyo
- Mahender N. Hemrajani [08-June-2011]