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This project was developed by a team of selfless FOUNDING MEMBERS with support of and under the auspices of Alliance of Global Sindhi Associations Inc.
(AGSA formerly ASAA) and is managed by a core Committee of volunteers under the guardianship of Indian Institute of Sindhology,Adipur, Kutchh, India.
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Acknowledgement for the Pioneering Sponsor
Sponsored in the fond memory of his beloved wife late Mrs. Ashadevi Shewakram Samtani (Hyderabad-Sindh 1942 to Singapore 23 Jan 2007).   By Mr. Shewakram Shamdas Samtani, born at Brunei Darussalam on 07 Mar 1937 The initial Pioneering Sponsor for this web portal.

Alliance of Sindhi Associations of Americas Inc. gratefully acknowledge and thank Mr. Shewakram Shamdas Samtani and his family, for their Sponsorship for the initial designing and hosting costs of this Web Portal and the online tutorials therein, in service to the Sindhi language and Global Sindhi Community; in the fond memory of his beloved wife late Mrs. Ashadevi Shewakram Samtani. We pray that her soul rests in peace in His holy lap and the Samtani family remains blessed.
The “Online” tutorials of basic Sindhi herein still need a lot more to be done in the field of improvements in the teaching material and the techniques from time to time. The site also needs to be funded for annual hosting and the maintenance renewals. Therefore, we politely request all well wishers to come forward and help; take up annual Sponsorships year after year  and donate with your heart and goodwill so as this site continues to run fruitfully and keeps benefiting our “mother tongue” and the Sindhi Community for long time ahead.

Organized Tutorials on electronic Screens directly from this website are highly recommended and requested for from heads of the Sindhi Community in Sindhi neighborhoods all over the world worldwide. Please help. Sindhi youngsters are specifically requested for their loyalty to the Community and partaking in learning of READING, WRITING AND SPEAKING BASIC SINDHI, communicate in it and pass the tradition in succession from generation to generation, so as our “mother tongue” survives well and the Community flourishes and remains closely knitted irrespective of being long distances apart. Volunteers are invited for help in the upkeep of this site. Willing well wishers please come forward and email the services you can offer to Thank you.