This audio supported Online Virtual School of Sindhi language (on elementary level) was developed and hosted by Romanized Sindhi Founding Committee, who thank ASAA/AGSA, I. I. of Sindhology Adipur and several Sindhi language specialists who helped achieve approval of version of Romanized Sindhi Script used herein, for Global Sindhi use.


Romanized Sindhi English Equivalent Arabic sindhi Equivalent Audio
1. a __ as in atha, akhi, hath~a, kana eight, eye, hands, ears اٺ اکء ھٿ ڪن
2. chaar ai'n chaar th~iyaa atha four plus four make eight. چار ۽ چار ٿيا اٺ
3. akhiyun saa'n d^isee saghje th~o one can see with the eyes اکيون سان دسي سگھجي ٿو
4. hath~an saa'n raa'nd~ kare saghje th~ee one can play with the hands ھٿن سان راند ڪري سگھجي ٿي
5. b^udh~an~a laai kana aahin ears are for listening ٻڌڻ لاء ڪن آھن
6. aa_____ as in aad~at~a, aana'nd~ d~aad~aa, t~aaraa habit, joy, elder brother, stars ءادت آنند دادا تارا
7. kaa bi aad~at~a chhad^an~u d^ukhee aahe: it is difficult to give up a habit: ڪاٻ ءادت ڇدر دکي آھي
8. . a'nd~ara jee khhosheea jahir^ee kaa khhoshee konhe. there is no joy like inner happiness اندر جي خوشيء جھري ڪا خوشي ڪونھي
9. mu'nhi'njo vad^o bhaau (d~aad~aa) London me'n aahe. my elder brother is in London منھنجو وڏو ڀاءُ (دادا) لندن ۾ آھي
10. aasmaana me'n t^aaraa aahin there are stars in the sky. آسمان ۾ تارا آھن
11. i ________as in ijaazat~a, d~ili, bhit~i, akhi permission, heart, wall, eye ءجاظت دل ڀٺ اکء
12. moo'nkhe ghari vaj~an~a laai t~avhaa'njee ijaazat~a khape. i need your permission to go home. مونکي گھر وڃڻ لاء تنھنوانجي ءجاظت کپي
13. peersana jee d~il mazboot~ aahe. the old man's heart is strong. پيرسن جي دل مظبوت آھي
14. bhit~i t~e picture latkaai. hang the picture on the wall. ڀٺ ٺي پچر لٽڪاي
15. hina t~e akhi rakhu or hina t~e nazara rakhu keep an eye on him. ھن تي اکه رک يان نظر رک
16. ee_____ as in ee'nta,(sira)bat~ee, seetee, maasee brick, lamp, whistle, aunt (mother's sister اينٽ بتي سيثي ماسي
17. kam ka'nd~ara pa'nhi'nje hath~an maa'n sira keraaee . the worker dropped the brick from his hands. ڪم ڪندر پنھنجي ھٿن مان سير ڪيراي
18. bat~ee b^aar light the lamp بتي بار
19. seetee vaj^aai blow the whistle سيٽي وجا۽
20. maaseea khe chaa'nh d^eesi. give tea to your aunt ماسيء کي چانھ ديس
21. u_____ as in uthu, ucho, gulu, siju, kha'ndu camel, good quality, flower, sun, sugar اُٺ اُچو گل سج کنڊ
22. . hee uthu bilkul vad^o aahe. this camel is huge ھي اُٺ بلڪول وڏو آھي
23. kapr^e jee jinsa uchee aahe. this cloth is of a good quality. ڪپري جي ضنس اُچي آھي
24. gulu murjhaaye viyo aahe . the flower has lost its freshness. گل مرجايه ويھو آھي
25. siju lath~o aahe. the sun has set. سج لٿو آھي
26. kha'ndu jo savaad~u mitho aahe. sugar tastes sweet. کند جو سواد مٿو آھي
27. oo as in oo’nchee oo'ndh~aha soofu tall ,dark & apple اُچي اُنده صوف
28. heea jaai oo'nchee aahe. this building is tall. ھيءَ ڄاءَ اُچي آھي
29. oo'ndh~aha me'n b^aahir na vaj~u. do not go out in the dark اُنده ۾ ٻاھر نه وڃ
30. sihat~ laai soofu t~amaam sutho aahe. apple is very good for health صيحت لاء صوف تمام سوٿو آھي
31. e_____ as in kelaa, hethi, pera, rela bananas, down, feet, train ڪيلا ھيٺ پير ريل
32. baa'nd~aru kelaa vetho khaae monkey is eating bananas باندر ڪيلا ويٿو کايءَ
33. jhukee kare iho zameena t~aa'n khan~u bend down and pick it up from the ground: جھڪي ڪري اھو ضمين تان کڻ
34. pa'nhi'njaa pera roz saaf kari clean your feet everyday. پنھنجا پير روز ساف ڪر
35. train ache pe-ee train is coming in ٽرين اچي پيء
36. ai_____ as in ainaka, haida, maiza, aiktar eye-glasses, turmeric, table, actor ءينڪ حيده ميز ءيڪٽر
37. pa'nhi'njee ainak paai. wear your eye glasses. پنھنجي ءينڪ پاءُ

38. haida sihat~a laai suthee aahe. tumeric is good for health. حيده سيحت لاء سوٺي آھي
39. maiaza ag^yaa'n hika kursee rakhu put a chair before the table. ميز اڳيان ھڪ ڪورسي رکه
40. gope kamlani hiku sutho actor huo. gope kamlani was a good actor. گوپ ڪملاني ھڪ سوٺو ءاڪٽر ھو
41. o_____ as in ozaar, chhokro, t~ot~o tools, boy, parrot اوظار ڇوڪرو طوطو
42. hut~e jaam ozaara aahin there are plenty of tools over here. ھٺي جام اوظار آھن
43. heeu had~a hooshiyaar chhokro aahe. he is a very clever boy. ھي ھڌ ھوشيار ڇوڪرو آھي
44. t~ot~o asaa'n vati ud^aama'nd~o aayo the parrot came flying to us. طوطو اسان وٽ ادامندو آھيو
45. au___ as in naukaru, aulaad~u, mauja servant, offspring, fun نوڪر اولاد مزو
46. naukara khe kothi call the servant نوڪر کي ڪوٿ
47. heea khhobsoorat~ chhokree hinajee aulaad~ aahe. this beautiful girl is his offspring: ھيءَ خوبسورت ڇوڪري ھنجي اولاد آھي
48. raa'nd~ karan~ mauja aahe playing is fun راند ڪرر موج آھي
49. a'n_____ as in a'nga, asaa'njo, kha'ndu,chaa'nd~ee numbers, ours, sugar, silver انگ اسانجو خنڍ چاندي
50. a'nga g^an~i count the numbers انگ گنڻ
51. heeu ghar asaa'njo aahe. this house is ours. ھي گھر اسانجو آھي
52. kha'ndu mithee aahe. sugar is sweet خنڌ مٿي آھي
53. heea mu'ndee chaa'nd~eea maa'n thahiyala aahe. this ring is made out of silver ھيء موندري چاندي مان ٿيل آھي
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