This audio supported Online Virtual School of Sindhi language (on elementary level) was developed and hosted by Romanized Sindhi Founding Committee, who thank ASAA/AGSA, I. I. of Sindhology Adipur and several Sindhi language specialists who helped achieve approval of version of Romanized Sindhi Script used herein, for Global Sindhi use.


Romanized Sindhi English Equivalent Arabic sindhi Equivalent Audio
1. math~e up / above مٿي
2. hethi down / below ھيٺ
3. math~e achu come up مٿي اڃ
4. hethi vaj~u go down ھيٺ وڃ
5. a'nd~ar in اندر
6. b^aahir out ٻاھر
7. a'nd~ar vaj~ u go in اندر وڃو
8. b^aahir vaj~ u go out ٻاھر وڃو
9. khol open کول
10. ba'nd~i closed بند
11. d~aru khol open the door دروازو کولو
12. daru ba'nd~i kar close the door در بند ڪر
13. oo'ndh~aih dark اونداھو
14. roshnee light روشني
15. b^aahir oo'ndh~aih me'n na vaj~u do not go out in the dark ٻاھر اونداھي ۾ نه وڃ
16. roshneea me'n par^hu read under the light روشني جي ھيٺان پرھي
17. achu come اچو
18. vaj~u go وڃڻ
19. d^ee'nhu day ڏينھن
20. raat~i night رات
21. b^ie kahi'n d^ee'nhu achu come some other day باڪي ڪنھن ڏينھن اچو
22. raat~i mei'n d~er th~ee chukee aahe it is late in the night رات جو دير ٿي چڪي آھي
23. th~ulho ( masculine) fat ٿلھو
24. th~ulhee ( feminine) fat ٿلھي
25. sanho ( masculine) thin سنھو
26. sanhee ( feminine) thin سنھي
27. heeu th~ulho aahe he is fat ھو ٿلھو آھي
28. heea th~ulhee aahe she is fat ھوءَ ٿلھي آھي
29. heeu sanho aahe he is thin ھو سنھو آھي
30. heea sanhee aahe she is thin ھوءَ سنھي آھي
31. sutho good سٺو
32. khharaab bad خراب
33. heeu sutho maan~hoo aahe he is a good man ھي سٺو ماڻھو آھي
34. heeu khharaab maan~hoo aahe he is a bad man ھي خراب ماڻھو آھي
35. th~adh~o cold ٿڌ
36. koso / garam hot گرم
37. paan~ee thadh~o aahe water is cold پاڻي ٿڌو آھي
38. paan~ee garam aahe water is hot پاڻي گرم آھي
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