This audio supported Online Virtual School of Sindhi language (on elementary level) was developed and hosted by Romanized Sindhi Founding Committee, who thank ASAA/AGSA, I. I. of Sindhology Adipur and several Sindhi language specialists who helped achieve approval of version of Romanized Sindhi Script used herein, for Global Sindhi use.


Romanized Sindhi English Equivalent Arabic sindhi Equivalent Audio
1. T~u'nhi'njo (singular) naalo chhaa aahe? What is your name? توھانجو نالو ڇا آھي
2. t~avhaa'njo (plural or out of respect) naalo chhaa aahe? what is your name? تواھنجو نالو ڇا آھي
3. Mu'nhi'njo naalo …. Aahe my name is………………….. منھنجو نالو آھي
4. T~u'nhi'njo janam d^ee’nhu kad^ahi'n aahe? when is your birthday? توھان جي سالگره ڪڏھن آھي
5. Mu'nhi'njo janam d^ee'nhu ….t~e aahe my birthday is on .... منھنجو جنم ڏينھن آھي
6. Maa'n chhokro aahyaa'n i am a boy مان ڇوڪرو آھيان
7. maa'n chhokree aahyaa'n i am a girl مان ڇوڪري آھيان
8. T~u'nhi'njee maau jo naalo chhaa aahe? What is your mother's name? توھان جي ماءُ جو نالو ڇا آھي
9. Mu'nhi'njee maau jo naalo ........... Aahe. My mother's name is …… منھنجي ماءُ جو نالو آھي
10. Mu'nhi'njee pyaaree maau, maa'n t~okhe d^aadho pyaar ka'nd~o aahyaa’n My dear mother, i love you very much( masculine) منھنجي پياري ماءُ مان توکي ڌاڌو پيار ڪندو آھيان
11. Mu’nhi’njee pyaaree maau,maa’n t~okhe d^aadho pyaar ka'nd~ee aahyaa’n my dear mother,i love you very much(feminine) منھنجي پياري ماءُ مان توکي ڌاڌو پيار ڪندي آھيان
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