This audio supported Online Virtual School of Sindhi language (on elementary level) was developed and hosted by Romanized Sindhi Founding Committee, who thank ASAA/AGSA, I. I. of Sindhology Adipur and several Sindhi language specialists who helped achieve approval of version of Romanized Sindhi Script used herein, for Global Sindhi use.


Romanized Sindhi English Equivalent Arabic sindhi Equivalent Audio
1. "Maau"
heea mu'nhi'njee maau aahe
हीअ मुंहिंजी माउ आहे
This is my mother ھيءَ منھنجي ماءُ آھي
2. "peeu"
heeu mu'nhi'njo peeu aahe
हीउ मुंहिंजो पीउ आहे
This is my father ھي منھنجو پيءُ آھي
3. "bhaau"
heeu mu'nhi'njo bhaau aahe
हीउ मुंहिंजो भाउ आहे
This is my brother ھي منھنجو ڀآء آھي
4. "bhen~a"
heea mu’nhi’njee bhen’a aahe
हीअ मुंहिंजी भेन्’अ आहे
this is my sister اھا منھنجي ڀيڻ آھي
5. "d^aad^o"
heeu mu'nhi'njo d^aad^o aahe
हीउ मुंहिंजो डा॒डो॒ आहे
this is my grand father (father’s father) ھي منھنجو ڏاڏو آھي
6. "d^aad^ee"
heea mu'nhi'njee d^aad^ee aahe
हीअ मुंहिंजी डा॒डी॒ आहे
this is my grandmother (father’s mother) ھيءَ منھنجي ڏاڏي آھي
7. "naano"
heeu mu’nhi’njo naano aahe
हीउ मुंहिंजो नानो आहे
this is my mother’s father ھي منھنجو نانا آھي
8. "naanee"
heea mu’nhi’njee naanee aahe
हीअ मुंहिंजी नानी आहे
this is my mother’s mother ھيءَ منھنجي ناني آھي
9. "vad^o"
heeu asaa'nje ghara jo vad^o aahe
हीउ असांजे घर जो वडो॒ आहे
he is the head of our family ھي اسان جي خاندان جو سربراھ آھي
10. "vad^ee"
heea asaa'nje ghara jee vad^ee aahe
she is the head of our family ھوءَ اسان جي خاندان جي سربراھ آھيي
11. "na'ndhr^o"
heeu na'ndhr^o b^aaru aahe
हीउ नंढ्ड़ो बा॒रु आहे
he is a small child ھي نن رو ٻار آھي
12. "na'ndhr^ee"
heea na'ndhr^ee b^aar aahe
हीअ नंढ्ड़ी बा॒र आहे
she is a small child ھيءَ نن رو ٻارَ آھي
13. "chhokro"
heeu chhokro aahe
हीउ छोक्रो आहे
he is a boy ھي ڇوڪرو آھي
14. "chhokree"
heea chhokree aahe
हीअ छोक्री आहे
she is a girl ھيءَ ڇوڪري آھي
15. "kutu'nbu"
heeu na'ndho kutu'nbu aahe
हीउ नंढो कुटुंबु आहे
this is a small family ھي نن رو خاندان آھي
16. "maau-peeu"
maau peeu ka'nhi'nkhe na pyaraa aahin?
माउ पीउ कंहिंखे न प्यरा आहिन्?
who is not fond of one’s parent’s? ماءَ پيُ ڪنھن کي ن پيارا آھن

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