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A Tribute to Dada Govind Chandiramani... The Sindhi Legend

Roma Chandwani , President, ASHA – All Sindhis Hope Association [15-Dec-2012]

Roma Chandwani , President, ASHA
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ASHA – All Sindhis Hope Association

Asee’n Sindh~ee Hiku Aahiyoo’n
असीं सिन्धी हिकु आहियूं

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Late Dada Govind Chandiramani

Music Lover, Singer, Music Composer, Badminton Player, Writer, Translator, Scholar, Master of more than 6 plus languages
A man of Virtues. No surprise he is One of the creator of Phonetic Roman Sindhi Script, Firm Believer in Doing things what no one has done before !


Dada Govind Chandiramani was born in Hyderabad (Sind) but spent his childhood in Lahore . Highly impressed by the music of the Bengali Film Vidyapati was introduced to world of Music Slowly took to singing. His father bought a small harmonium for him and the price he paid was only 1O rupees. His father too was very fond of Music and could play Sitar.

He also got the All India Junior’s Title in Badminton in the Year 1943. In 1943 itself the family shifted to Bombay and he joined St. Xavier's College and Graduated after 4 Years.

He learned his singing by a Bengali Teacher J.K.Banerjee who was fondly called Kakajee. And after that he got attracted to Classical Music and started learning from Mahadev Mishra for some time. He also learned Rhythms / Taals from Pt. Krishnarao Chonkar who had worked with the legendary Bal Ghandharava for 3O years on the stage. first He produced his first cassette Raag Sargam aur Taal which has until today sold in thousands.

Eventually 15 other cassettes were also produced with basic Rhythms n Taals. 16 are Raag Sargam aur Taal ,Gayaki Raag aur Taal , Vol . I – II, Traditional ThumrisVol. I- II , and Saaz Raag aur Taal VolI-II

These cassettes are being sold as Chandiramani’s Music of India Series and it also includes Karnataka music - Vocal, drums,instruments, and side rhythms.

Simultaneously he started learn singing from the famous music director Bulo.C.Rani who had given Music for 85 pictures and is still remembered for his famous qawali ( Humein to loot liya husun walon ne)

Fascinated by Rhythms and compostion, little later he got more interested in composing than singing with the belief that as one grows old, one’s singing power decreases but not the power of composition. He enjoys composing Bhajan s and Ghazals and Sindhi music in different Taals with a classical background in at least in12 Rhythms.

Singers like Nirmala Aroon , Kavita Krishnamurti, Shruti Sadolikar, Usha Amonkar,Ghanshyam Vaswani and Madhu Shehri have sung his compositions

He started learning German Language and its Grammer but was more fond of translating to German with the help of dictionaries.

He along with Prof Dr S.B.Hudlikar ( Germany ) who was a Indologist and has written many books were the first Indians to have translated Panchatantra into German.

Then he started learning Indonesian from the books..

With Jyoti Daryanani an Indian from Indonesiahe translated Panchatantra into modern Indoneian. Dian Rakyat Jakarta printed 5OOO copies And the sale is still on.

He also translated another classic Hitopadesha written in 1675 A.D into English published by Jaico Publishers.

Tales of Hitopadesha have been translated into English , German Indonesian , Marathi and Sindhi

A dictionary of English : Colloquial Sindhi has been put on the internet. With A & B alphabets and eventually the entire work will be done.

His music composing passion and his virtue for rhythms sounds got him to write phonetic Roman Script for the Sindhi language.


We salute Dada Govind L. Chandiramani and seek his blessings. 

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