This audio supported Online Virtual School of Sindhi language (on elementary level) was developed and hosted by Romanized Sindhi Founding Committee, who thank ASAA/AGSA, I. I. of Sindhology Adipur and several Sindhi language specialists who helped achieve approval of version of Romanized Sindhi Script used herein, for Global Sindhi use.


This photograph, taken on 29 March 2010, shows the chief participants who took active part in discussions and deliberations on the structure of Romanized Sindhi Script that was approved, adopted and recommended for Global Sindhi use, at a Summit conference that was specially organized at Sindhu Bhavan, Ahmadabad, India, on 28 & 29 March 2010. From Left to Right: Prof Dr Kanayalal Lekhwani.Pune. Prof/Dr Murlidhar Jetley, Delhi, Prof. Dr Baldev Matlani, Mumbai, ASAA Chairman Mr Prem Lalvani, Chicago, ASAA President, Dr Dayal Meshri, Tulsa OK, Prof Dr Devendra Kodwani, UK, Col )Ret’d) Ram Gulrajani, Chennai, Prof Dr Satish Rohra, Adipur, Arjan Daswani, Singapore, Dada Lakhmi Khilnani, Adipur. Dada Govind L Chandiramani, the founder of the base version of Roman Sindhi Script was absent in the photograph but is shown elsewhere at this website.

Following the 1947 partition of India, large number of Hindu population migrated from Sindh to places of safety and survival. Stateless and landless, the Hindu Sindhis are today living in almost all states of India and other countries of the world - scattered as individuals, couples, small families or small regional communities. Wherever they went, they mingled with the local population and learnt their traditions and language. They have more than survived, but at the heavy price of losing on their own traditions, relationship values, awareness of their cultural identity and most importantly, their language, which has remained as the only force that would connect and bind dispersed Global Sindhis together into one Community.

Sindhi language is getting replaced by local languages and is at the danger of becoming extinct unless forceful preventive measures are taken immediately. In India, number of Sindhi teaching schools has shrunk from almost about 1000 in 1950s to the present mere about 20 all over the country. Why?

(1) Because we are influenced by local culture and language where we live and as a result lose on our language and cultural traditions.

(2) More so when our children are compelled to take up the State language for job opportunities, and thus they lose their own language which is Sindhi. There is no state in India that offers jobs to Sindhi educated generation. English, Hindi and the State language are the necessities of the State employment department. And why? Again because Hindu Sindhis do not have their own State, neither in India, not any where on earth.

India’s struggle movement for independence from foreign rule took many years but at the last moment, haste was made. While other states that went to the new nation of Pakistan were partitioned, only Sindh was given away totally to the new nation without surveying Will of the Hindu population in Sindh. That was the second serious blunder that occured, the first serious blunder was, of course, the partition itself. Hindu Sindhis became the goats of sacrifice to win the independence for the rest of India. And only the Hindu Sindhis have suffered the most. And that is injustice, according to human rights!

After partition Gandhiji organized land for Hindu Sindhis in Kutch but it was only known as a settlement and not a State. Soon people dispersed to where they could earn more for their family's livelihood. So what we lack is a Hindu Sindhi State because Muslim Sindhi State is already there in Pakistan.

Gujaratis, Marathis, Bengalis, Tamils, and all other races in India do not lose their language because they have their own State which binds them together. Even when they live abroad, they live strongly rooted to their State in India. We Hindu Sindhis are just here and there in every State of India or overseas and therefore roots only remain in our memory of the past. And that is the main reason our children do not speak Sindhi or even if they do, they do not speak it well.

We must speak Sindhi because as all wise say "Language if the breath of the Community, if the life's breath is gone, how can a Community survive? In that regard please read here what Pooj Dada Jashan P Vaswani wrote:
Also please hear what Pooj Dada spoke in that respect, which is very interesting to hear, click here please"

We do not have schools to teach us Sindhi in most cities of India as well as abroad. And most certainly we do not have facility to learn in Arabic Script or Devanagari Script abroad. Therefore, the only global solution for Global Hindu Sindhis is to learn in Romanized Script which can be easily typed and read through any common computers of the world.

But Sindhi language has 52 consonants in Arabic Script and Roman only 26. How can less consonants speak correct pronunciations of unique Sindhi words?

For that reason some dedicated Hindu Sindhi volunteers gathered and worked on Romanized Sindhi Script that is added with suffix from the keyboard of the common computers and acceptable to the Romanized Sindhi Script that pronounces equal Sindhi sounds.

This version of Romanized Sindhi Script was approved, adopted and recommended for Global Sindhi use by renowned Sindhi language Professors and Linguists of India in March 2010 and that is the version used at his Online audio supported Virtual of learning and teaching of basic Sindhi language. Please go to following links to learn basic Sindhi in Romanized Sindhi Script :

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Please hear speech of Hon. Shri Narendra Modi at ASAA/AGSA’s Sindhi Sammelan Ahmadabad December 2011,
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